"To be outstanding – get comfortable with being uncomfortable."




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When I was in 7th grade, my teacher asked us to sell a BMW. He pulled out a car magazine, flipped to a page, and said “convince me to buy this car.” One-by-one we took our shot, and when my turn finally arrived I simply stood up and said, “Here’s the new BMW. If you want it, then buy it.” Needless to say, he wasn’t impressed but my classmates were (hey, we were kids, everything was funny to us).

 As I studied to become an Art Director, I later realized effective advertising isn’t talking about a product, it’s talking to the person (no wonder he wasn't impressed). It may have been my first taste of “advertising,” but it was just enough to put me on this path toward the career of my dreams. Music is my first passion (I'm a musician), especially that good, deep in your soul feeling type of music. I was inspired by a good friend that was a graphic designer, which led me to world of Art and Design. These are the things that drive me daily. Let's work!